Absolute Data Group (ADG) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, award-winning technology company.
We are highly regarded for building integrated solutions that simplify the management of mission critical assets.

ADG assists clients to create, manage and leverage technical data and maintenance information
that is vital to the operation and maintenance of their complex assets, ranging from helicopters and jets, to ships and cars.

In January of 2016, AEC Inc. in Sandy, Oregon and Absolute Data Group (ADG) in Brisbane, Australia entered into a
joint venture under the OneStrand brand to maximize the shared vision of both companies while leveraging their unique skills and markets.

Under the OneStrand brand, clients will receive both a software solution provider and an S1000D service provider.

AEC’s experience in creating and maintaining high-quality technical documentation, coupled with ADG’s vast knowledge of software solutions development,
makes for a powerhouse of data management solutions delivered by OneStrand.